Sunday, March 18, 2012

Personal-Political has Moved and Evolved into Real American Liberal

Please come visit my new blog, Real American Liberal.

Also check out my new book, Tales of a Real American Liberal

Here are the details:

In 2008, when John Sheirer heard Sarah Palin talking about "real America," his well-developed "B.S.-detector" sounded the alarm. Sheirer grew up in what Palin would call "real America," but the values he learned were far from Palin's right-wing extremism. Sheirer's upbringing taught him that America is a connected community, not a set of isolated individuals who can disregard or demean the lives of others. In short, Sheirer's upbringing helped make him a liberal. In Tales of a Real American Liberal, Sheirer examines contemporary social, political, and cultural events and turns his B.S.-detector on the right-wingers who don't understand what makes America a great nation. He reclaims the title "liberal" from those who use it as a mindless insult and recasts it as the patriotic compliment it's meant to be. John Sheirer is proud to call himself a "Real American Liberal."

"Tales of a Real American Liberal is an outlier of logic, reason, and humor in today's often murky and distracting political dialogue. John Sheirer gives entertaining and incisive views on media, policy, elections, and the compendium of issues facing Americans. He gets us refocused and inspired to follow the road to real progressive values." -- David Pakman, host of The David Pakman Show

"In a political world cluttered with knee-jerk opinions and mindless punditry, John Sheirer is a refreshing alternative voice. He shows liberals how to defeat right-wing lies, not with demagoguery and hysterics, but with common sense wisdom and a neighborly style." -- Bill Scher, host of The Liberal Oasis Radio Show

"John Sheirer does a great job debunking right-wing propaganda and telling the fascinating story of America's real political majority--your normal-to-the-point-of-being-boring neighbors, friends, co-workers, and fellow churchgoers whose liberal agenda is strongly supported by most Americans." -- Driftglass, political blogger and co-host of The Professional Left Podcast

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